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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Quandry

G is going to a Catholic elementary school in two weeks. Why - since public school in this area isn't so bad. I live in Indiana. His dad and stepmom live in Kentucky. We're 35 minutes away from each other. So.... which side of the river wins? Neither - hence the Catholic school and the tuition headache that comes with it.

Now, as it says in the intro, I make a pretty paltry salary. Love what I do, love where I work but sometimes it's really hard to make ends meet and be in the black at the end of the month. Add my portion of the school tuition and the after school YMCA care (we'll get to that) as new line items and some creativity has got to happen. I filled out financial aid forms for G for school (I didn't even do financial aid for my undergrad and grad degrees and here I am doing it for kindergarten?). Sadly, no help for either application. So the next few weeks may be a stream of consciousness as the ideas pour out and fit the puzzle pieces.

I've already begun a second "job" as a mystery shopper. It's fun - go to the businesses, do the job, fill out a survey, get paid pocket change a few weeks later. Free dinners, make-up, etc. and pretending I have more money than I do ("Yes sir, I'm looking to replace my six-year old car." When really I know I'll be driving it six years from now). But that job won't make enough money each month to cover tuition and the after school program.

Ah yes, the after school program. I filled out a financial aid application for this one too. Sent in my 1040, paycheck stubs and itemized all my monthly expenses. Even totaled it out for them to yearly expenses. Thinking that I had a pretty good shot at this one, anxiously waited for the results.

Which I got today. 15% weekly reduction. Sounds good right? Until you calculate it and realize it's...

$7.20 off each week. That's it.

That's $28.80 a month or a grand total of about $288 (I'm assuming school runs for about 10 months). Now I know that I shouldn't knock the reduction - I am happy to have it. But it's a bit humorous, no?

Back to the drawing board now. Creativity - come!

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