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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Experiment

A few nights ago I did nothing on a Sunday... nothing. I didn't have G that weekend. For someone who constantly has a to-do list, incessant thoughts and goals this was a rarity. Not one, not two but THREE naps. Who does that? And the dogs didn't even care that I was so lethargic, even the crazy one. At about 9 pm, with fresh laundry on the bed (with full meaning to get out of bed and fold them) I fell asleep again. Peaceful until I could feel/see an alligator coming towards me. Jumping, I woke and realized that an animal hunter show was on TV and the image crept into my dream. Turning it off, realizing the fresh towels were now crumbled and due for another trip to the laundry,  I drifted back asleep thinking that a blog may be a good idea since G was about to begin kindergarten. Not having the desire to write before, now I felt inspired.

I mean, I can't be the only one right? Single momdom, with kid and animals, an ever-changing budget that needs to be straightened up, and that whole dating life to contemplate on top of that. 

Life is changing with G getting older, more interesting (c'mon - babies are boring!) and wanting to experience everything. I was never good with updating his baby book - I think the entries quit about three months in. Scrapbooking isn't for me and that's what it felt like. I don't promise to write every day - that's ludicrous except for those professional people who can actually write - but it should be interesting. The dogs are ready - Kaila in her trusty spot under my feet and Daisy simultaneously chewing on her mate's ear and a random Q-tip.

So here we go - a blog of our life, for G when he gets older and for anyone else who's reading this in the present. 

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