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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Friends

So G and I had dinner tonight with some college friends A and L. L just married last month, in Vegas!, and we were really excited to talk about it. G was doing his usual showman stuff and I finally got him to eat his veggies when he knew that ice cream was next.

I talked about the experiment to them - very vague, saying I wasn't ready, that it's a journal and not a blog (because who wants to read about my life?) and that it is an outlet to release all my thoughts instead of inundating friends and family. All so true.

Off to bed (after I take this mask off - see moms do still care what they look like!) with a movie. Satellite decided to reset itself while we were gone and it's still going....

Oh BIG news! G's garden of cucumbers sprouted its first and it's a doozy. Almost 13 inches and we can count so many more coming. We'll have cucumbers and pickles everywhere! I'll post a picture tomorrow.

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